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International Diecast Racing League

Welcome to the sport of Diecast Racing.  We race 1/64 Scale Diecast Cars (i.e.: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and more).  This is the place to find out about Racing Events as well as information on Builders, Teams and Drivers so that you can more easily keep track.  We provide Builders Stats and Race Results. 


The International Diecast Racing League (IDRL) is a collaboration between Meekin and Marcus Firegone.  The premiere Race Event is the IDRL - Sportsman Cup & Endurance Cup.

Other Race Events include those sponsored by Meekin, organized by Marcus Firegone, and others who agree to participate.  Check out the Tabs for details on BUILDERS, RACE STATS, the IDRL, Other MEEKIN Sponsored Events, FIREGONE Events, and OTHER Events.

New to the sport, check out (link at top of page) for everything Diecast Racing.

There are three types of racing fans.  1) Builders, are the people who modify the cars for mail-in events.  2) Non-Builders, are the people who do not modify cars but who do participate with either Stock cars (a unmodified car straight out of the package) or by simply providing a Driver's name and optionally Team name for an existing car or car offered by the Host Track.  and 3) Those who enjoy the sport of Diecast Racing but who do not participate.  


Teams may be created by a single Builder, a Non-Builder, or represent a group of Builders.  Builders/Non-Builders may typically have a single Team but can have either multiple Teams or also participate in a group Team.

Driver's are identified by Builders or non-Builders and can be specified by that person to be the driver of any diecast car (Modified or Stock).  Builders/Non-Builders are likely to have multiple Drivers.

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